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What people are saying about our boyds site !

I've been a boyd's collector for several years - starting with the bearstones and moving on to several of the plush.  I plan on visiting your site often.
-Cheryl (aka Chercub)

A great web site
-Dawn Pelton 
Great site really enjoyed it

-Melissa Timberlake 

Aren't Boyd's bears the greatest? I'm just starting a collection of the plush bears. And, no. I'm not going into my second childhood, Because I refuse to get out of my first one!
-N. Sullivan 

Trying to find retailers in San Antonio, TX. Any help locating any is appreciated. I am a new fan of Boyd's Bears and am new at collecting.
-Rae C. Hernandez 

I am a new Bearstones collector and check out your site quite often.......keep up the good work!
-Deanna Miller  

I started collection last year. I have about only 30, but hope to increase that number this year. Just Love those Bears....
-Gloria Hidler  

I fell in love with boyds bears collections!! Keep it up!!
-Cassandra Felton

We really enjoyed your site We have been collecting boyds resins for approx. 5 years, but as we are from England information and bears are difficult to obtain.
-Deb & Nigel Staniforth

Hi!  I'm just starting to design my own amateur web page.  I really love your site & would like to let others know about it.
-Melissa Gabbard

Good day. I am a retailer in Minnesota  I was surfing the net tonight and came across your site.  I think its wonderful.  I love Boyd's and just recently became a Gold Paw Dealer.  (I think Im my biggest customer) I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much fun I have been having on your site...
-Dawn O'Bannon   

I love your Boyds Encyclopedia

I love your site!
I love your site.


I like what I see and I'll be back!
-Tami Belden

Awesome site
-Ron Kaufman

I've been a Boyds Bearstone collector for three years. I've got 12 bearstones and 7 plush bears. I love them  because they make me smile. Every time I look at a bearstone, there's something on it I've missed; a torn shirt, a hole in a  shoe, etc. I just love 'em.

Bill, This is one great site. Thank you soooo much for sharing all this "needed" info with us! Book marked and ready for a return visit. Thanks again!

Hi!  Just wanted to say that I LOVE your website.   How great to link each piece to an eBay search.  Thank you very much!

Boyds Addict. Is there a Boyd's Anonymous yet?!!
-Susan Payton

Hi Bill,
Just looking through your web page and I love it. Already purchased a few pieces on Ebay to add to by collection.

What a great site and wonderful work you have done to get it looking so great!! I have just managed to join the Boyds club and received my Libearty piece and goodies!! I am from Durban, South Africa where Boyds are non existent!!! I would give my eye teeth wo get hold of some boyd pieces!!!!! Keep up the wonderful work!!
-Diane Bester

Great page! Found some items i had been looking for!

I've added you to my Favorites and will be back. It looks like a good reference site for Bearstone collectors.

I have just found your site and have not had a good look around yet. Wanted to just say Hi!! from a Big Boyd's fan in Australia. Beary warmest regards.
-Helen Robinson

Your site is great!

You BET! I LOVE your site !

Bill, I think your sight is great.

Great page! I've been to lots of Boyds Bearstone sites, but this is the only one where I can find every bear since  93, the year retired, ect. Now this is the only page I come to for information!
-Katrina McMullin

 This site is great.

Your site is fantastic!! You have done so much work!

Hey, great job! Love your site! Linked through 2teddys. It's nice to see other guys out there that like Boyds, too! I think you make #4!? Again, great site!

Keep it up, we sure need your sight. it's "Looking Good".

Loved your web page!<