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The Dollstone Volume
1996 : The premier editions and a great masterpiece in work.  Join us for tea, huh?
1997 : The first day of school is arriving and the magic is all around.  This is the biggest year so far.
1998  : Shannon is still waitin' for you to come and look.  Come on and stop by.
1999 : Kelly and her comapny of Bear collecotrs are running pampent this year.
QVC Exclusive : The Tv Stars, those early releases from the cable channel QVC.
The Canadiennes : Up from the frigide north come the cousins from Canada.  The Union Jack is the only one so far.
Ornaments : Hang'em where ever they are cute all year round.
The G.C.C. Exclusives : The dolls with a calling.  these stones are released to special dealers and usually for a limited time so act fast.
The Porcelian Dolls
The Dolls of the dollstones series are here for a full size relization of the stones.
San Fransisco Music Boxes
under constuction
Waterglobes & Frames
under constuction
Votives, & Sconces
under constuction

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Last updated April 23rd, 1999